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Celebrating the best with iimjobs

Today we want to spend a few minutes telling you about iimjobs, what we did for them, and how it could be relevant to you. is one of Engrave's most valued clients. For years, now, they have entrusted us with their gifting requirements.

One of the things they have tasked us with is to regularly send, every 6 months, the 'Top Recruiter Award,’ which happens to be one of the most important activities in the iimjobs gifting calendar.

The Top Recruiter Award is given to the top 0.5% of the hundreds of thousands of recruiters that use iimobs for their hiring needs.

This is a most select and prestigious award. It has to look a class apart. The design, material, and aura must be nothing less than top-notch.

How did we respond?

We used wood and metal to craft these awards. This is because wood and metal is a classic material combination that, when done well, is incomparably elegant to behold. You are cordially invited to take a closer look at the results of our handiwork in the images attached to this post.

Top Recruiter Award 2018

Top Recruiter Award 2018

Designed to please you

The idea of sharing this story with you is to briefly illustrate our ability to think creatively on the fine art of designing mementos that stand out using virtually any piece of information you might choose to brief us with. If you'd like to order this award with your branding and message, do get in touch. Our lines (and minds) are always open.