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Engrave at the QAT Awards, Dubai

It gives us great joy to report that this month Engrave was given yet another opportunity to go international. Allow us a few minutes of your valuable time to tell you how we did it and how it might be relevant to your needs.

The UAE-India Economic Forum took place on Oct 19 and 20, in the bustling and colourful emirate city of Dubai. During this high-powered business and political event, the Qadat Al Tagheer (QAT) Awards were handed out to the Emirati Businessman of the Year.

These Awards were made by Engrave. We were chosen for this prestigious assignment by the good offices at Businessweek (Middle East), who were looking for a partner with proven expertise in this space.

About the QAT Award

The award in question has a square wooden base and is thoughtfully-designed in a manner that allows it to be proudly showcased in a trophy cabinet without the need for any additional fixtures or supporting structures. On the base is laser cut a circular stainless steel plaque on which appears information about the event.

The real challenge we faced in the making of this trophy was in getting the intricate cutting on stainless steel absolutely perfect.

As is our wont, we tried different ways to ensure we were able to meet all the exacting demands of the client brief just right, and on time. In this case, we experimented with three or four different materials and techniques to achieve this ideal stencil effect on a stainless steel sheet.

You can take a look at what we’re talking about in the images attached below.

Qadat Al Tagheer Award

Qadat Al Tagheer Award

Qadat Al Tagheer Award

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