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Can we do a Premas Life Sciences for you?

Our partners will tell you that we have created eye-catching and effective merchandise and more for some of the most recognised and durable brands in India. We have been doing this for nearly a decade. It is something we are extremely proud of.

Recently, we were presented with the opportunity to work with Premas Life Sciences (PLS). Today, we’d like to share with you, briefly, the story of what we did for them. Perhaps you’ll find something in it that is of relevance to your brand. Welcome.

Who is PLS and what did we do for them?

Premas Life Sciences (PLS) is a forward-thinking and innovative Life Science Distribution Company. They are based out of Delhi. They were organising an award ceremony to celebrate their best performers. For this, they needed eye-catching trophies and keepsakes in wood. Since we’re the experts at creating awards and more PLS got in touch with us.

How did we respond?

Brief in hand, we put our heads together and came up with a concept and design in wood and imagination that was distinctive and creative. Furthermore, we embellished the wood with gleaming metal to make it look sleek and premium. Finally, we carved the PLS logo (in the shape of the structure of DNA) and printed the necessary information on the trophy. All said and done, the trophy looked very distinguished and personalised, which is exactly what PLS desired. You are invited to take a closer look at our handiwork.

Premas Pillar Trophy

The way forward

If this design interests you, and you'd like to order these awards, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.