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Making it special for Merck

A half century of years is a long and illustrious period in the life of a company. It deserves to be remembered and celebrated in unforgettable style. That’s why, Merck India Ltd chose us for this assignment.

The Brief

“We have completed 50 years in India. How can we make it momentous, personal, and celebration-worthy for our employees and stakeholders,” Merck asked us.

Brief in hand, we put our heads together to come up with ideas that are worthy of the occasion. A couple of days later, we had three concepts to show for our efforts. We presented them to Merck, of which they chose one.

The Memento

Fabricated out of Corian – one of the most advanced synthetic materials in the world when it comes to tasks of this nature – the showpiece was skilfully-designed to resemble a milestone to begin with – and carefully finished to ensure it looked extremely prestigious.

Oh, and the fact that it was made from Corian meant it would retain its good looks for another fifty years (at least) to come. Even the printing technology that was employed to create this item is proprietary and uniquely Engrave’s. This meant we were able to achieve an unmatched level of sharpness and clarity in reproduction quality.

Finally, to round things off, we created a lapel pin to go with it. You are cordially invited to take a good look at the result of our efforts in the image attached to this message.

Merck 50 Years in India Milestone Souvenir

Merck Souvenir and Lapel Pin

The Engrave Promise

The art and science of creating customized awards is something we have invested a lot of time perfecting. From concept to execution to timely delivery, if it’s bespoke mementos you’re looking to hand out, you should definitely consider getting in touch with us. Welcome.