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How we linked LinkedIn

You are a professional. As a professional, you know how much relationships matter. You know full well it is the quality of your relationships that helps you grow as a professional.

Any talk of professionals and relationships can’t help but bring to mind one of the world’s leading brands in this space, i.e., LinkedIn. LinkedIn knows and emphasizes the need to build solid relationships as a necessary fact of professional life better than any other brand. All the more reason it gives us great pride to share with you the story of how we helped LinkedIn build a better relationship with its clients and prospects last week.

LinkedIn wanted to gift boxes full of ‘LinkedIn’ goodies to a carefully-culled list of its esteemed recruiters across India. The objective of this exercise was to emphasize to these human resource scouts the untold value of using LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, for their needs.

Keeping brand LinkedIn’s personality in mind, we came up with the idea of populating this box of goodies with an eclectic assortment of items that are eye-catching, professional, and, of course, useful. What’s more, even the box had to be eye-catching, professional, and, of course, useful.

LinkedIn Goodies Box

To begin with, we fabricated a ‘LinkedIn’ box out of Steamed Beech Wood; primarily because this kind of wood looks most contemporary and international, which very much in keeping with LinkedIn’s brand values. In this smart box we placed a mini-organizer – the faux leather cover of which was embossed with the crest of LinkedIn and each page carried a watermark of the logo.

LinkedIn New Years' Gift

Next, we chose a group of appropriate items to go with the organizer; all of which were customized with the LinkedIn insignia. The items we settled on were Cork Coasters, a Wooden Pen, 4-color Sticky Notes, a Stress Ball, a ‘LinkedIn’ Magic Cube, and Greeting Cards with aphorisms from the vault of LinkedIn.

Finally, each box of LinkedIn remembrances was packaged in a corrugated box; in order to ensure the package was deliverable safe and sound and in one piece. Do check out the images below for a proper look at what we mean.

LinkedIn Magic Cube

LinkedIn Pen and Journal

LinkedIn Stress Ball

It needs to be said here that we manufactured 850 such ‘LinkedIn’ goodie boxes in a small matter of 2 weeks and shipped them across the country to every one of LinkedIn’s stakeholders in time for Christmas.