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Kona Kona Mementos with Engrave

When it comes to mementos, Kotak is a company that likes to do things differently, which is one of the reasons they have chosen to contact Engrave with their requirements time and again.

Every year Kotak gives their top 1500+ clients (Salary 2 Wealth division) something memorable on Independence Day. It’s a tradition that sets them apart from companies that tend to restrict their gift-giving to the time around Diwali. For the second year in a row, Kotak has come to us for this.

This time, too, the brief called for ideas that are distinct and have something to do with the Indian Independence Movement. After some thought, we chose to make this year’s memento about the monumental Dandi March.

To make this idea come alive, we began by showcasing a picture of the epochal moment when the Father of the Nation picked up a handful of salt at Dandi. In addition, we included a bottle of rock salt from Sabarmati, the place from where The Mahatma kicked off the Dandi March.

Every memento also has a canvas scroll that talks about the importance of the Dandi March and how it helped spread the freedom movement to every kona kona (corner) of India, which sits nicely with the company tagline – Kona Kona Kotak.

When it came to packaging this historic moment in India’s history, to begin with, we used teakwood for a strong base. Brass studs hold the main picture in place. A small twine with a tag tied to the neck of all bottles of salt indicates the origin and there’s a canvas scroll that briefly narrates the thrilling story of the handful of salt.