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Engrave at the Kabaddi World Cup

Today we’re going to show you how USA, Argentina, Poland, Poland, England, Iran, Kenya, Bangladesh, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and, of course, India walked away with a piece of Engrave at this year’s Kabaddi World Cup held in India.

Those who know our work will tell you we’re the recognised experts in the art of creating lasting memories. This is one of the reasons we were called up to manufacture and deliver the plaques for the Kabaddi World Cup 2016.

2016 Kabaddi World Cup Plaque

2016 Kabaddi World Cup Plaque

2016 Kabaddi World Cup Plaque

Shown in the images above is an example of our handiwork. Each plaque was made from a walnut wood base, affixed with a brass plate on which is etched the name of the recipient, and packed in a premium-finished black velvet box.

There are two things in particular about this exercise we’re most proud of. One, we were a vital part of an event that involved elite athletes from all over the world. And two, we delivered what was asked of us in just two days.

That’s right, only 4 days to fabricate and send (from Mumbai to Ahmedabad) personalised plaques for each member of the 12 teams. We’re fairly certain there are very few companies in the corporate awards and gifting space that could have put together such a bespoke order so well and so quickly.