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How we delivered excellence for Chiratae Ventures

Rebranding exercises are valuable. To leave a lasting impression they need to be done extraordinarily well. This is why IDG Ventures India, one of the country’s leading venture capital firms came to us after they renamed themselves Chiratae Ventures.

As part of this activity, there was an event to honour a select group of entrepreneurs instrumental in fuelling the tech revolution in India. It is for these pioneers that the Pride of India awards exist. The awards recognize the achievements and breakthroughs that redefine age-old industries and bring about paradigm shifts in the sector.

We were tasked with creating awards and mementos for the entire celebration.

The Design Challenge

‘Chiratae’ means leopard in Kannada. But to IDG, Chiratae is more than just that. They recognize that India is changing rapidly and at scale and they aim to be the catalysts to support this entrepreneurship growth and change. Chiratae signifies this spirit of the team and its passion. Because of this, ‘Chiratae' had to be an important part of the design ethos for the trophies and mementos.

How did we respond?

We chose to use the cutting edge technology of 3D printing to create the awards and mementos in leopard-print. Each trophy and memento was then handcrafted and customized in elegant wood and classy acrylic.

Chiratae Trophies - Behind the Scenes

Chiratae Ventures Souvenirs

Chiratae Ventures Trophies

Chiratae Ventures Trophy