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How we built bonds with this Real Estate Award

The Hindustan Times Real Estate Awards is a prestigious annual event. It is managed by The Brand Brewery. The Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement scaled by companies that operate in the Real Estate Sector in India.

We were contacted by The Brand Brewery to handcraft a suitable and eye-catching trophy for this momentous jamboree. It goes without saying that the challenge we were tasked with was to ensure that the keepsakes handed out at the event looked extremely classy, eye-catching, and worth displaying with pride for many years to come.

Coming to the trophy in particular, The Brand Brewery had a design in mind, but they were unsure about how to get it done well and in time. This is why they contacted us. We are, after all, the acknowledged experts in this space with nearly a decade of experience crafting such memories for a wide range of big and not-so-big clients.

How did we respond?

We put our heads together to come up with a solution that employed our proven skills in design and materials to create a trophy in clean-cut acrylic, which was carefully hand-embellished with a concrete texture using special paints.

After this, the information about the Award and its winners was displayed in gold using a 24 karat gold sticker and a shiny plate made of brass. Finally, the lion that crowns the trophy was printed in 3D.

Hindustan Times Real Estate Awards 2018

Hindustan Times Real Estate Awards 2018

Happily for The Brand Brewery, The Hindustan Times, and the other stakeholders concerned (including us), the Award turned out to be exactly the way the organizers had imagined it. In other words, Mission Accomplished in style! You are cordially invited to view the result of our handiwork in the image attached.

Hindustan Times Real Estate Awards 2018

Hindustan Times Real Estate Awards 2018

The way forward

If this design interests you, and you'd like to order these trophies, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.