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Meet Corian from Du Pont

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the next generation of material for personalised awards, plaques, name plates, signs, and other kinds of mementos. It’s called Corian, it’s path-breaking, and it’s the way forward when it comes to this category.

Typically, most plaques use wood as a base material. Alternatives such as stone, marble, granite do exist, but they end up being heavy, inconsistent, fragile, and expensive. Also, engraving and personalizing plaques made from the aforementioned material requires industrial machinery.

Corian what?

At Engrave, we’re always looking to innovate and provide our customers with better choices. This led us to Corian – a synthetic component developed by the world leaders in material sciences, Du Pont.

Corian is a mixture of clear acrylic resin, natural minerals, and pigments. And for the first time in this category, Engrave is using Corian to elevate the art and science of awards, plaques, name plates, signs, and mementos.

Why Corian?

Briefly speaking, here’s what makes Corian a great material to work with:

  • The mineral content is very similar to stone, but unlike stone, it doesn’t develop fault lines or cracks. In other words, Corian is perfect for plaques.
  • Not only is Corian more durable than stone, it is available in 6mm and 12mm sheets, making it much lighter and more portable too.
  • Corian is available in several different colors and textures, giving customers a range of design options to choose from.
  • Much like with wood, products made using Corian are easy to print, engrave, carve on, and further personalise in any number of ways.

Go Corian

Recently we delivered a bulk order of plaques in Corian to one of our valued clients. They were extremely well-received. You can take a look at a sample of our handiwork in Corian in the images attached to this message.

Corian Plaque

Corian Plaque

Corian Plaque