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How we put Capital First Dealers first

It is a truth universally acknowledged that you have to treat your dealers well in order to succeed in Business. That’s why, Dealer Awards are so vital.

When it comes to handing out such recognition, you want to make sure the keepsakes are well-crafted. In other words, you want your trophies, awards, certificates, and the like to be created by Engrave.

Celebrating Capital First Dealers

Capital First is a premier financial Institution in India. They provide debt financing to small entrepreneurs, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), and other consumers of their products. We did some stellar work for them recently. We’d like to share with you. Welcome.

The Brief

Every year, Capital First felicitates dealers. This year they wanted to do so for two categories of its products - Used Car Loans and Two-wheeler Loans. These folks are valuable partners. Capital First makes it a point to recognize this with rewards that are worth showcasing with pride.

How did we respond?

We opted to use wood, acrylic, and metal as the materials - they lend themselves to elegant creations that handsomely stand the test of time.

What we came up with was striking, personalized, and innovative. The packaging was eye-catching. Over and above, we also dispatched these mementos to Capital First dealers across the country. Put simply, everything was taken care of by us.

You are cordially invited to take a look at our handiwork in the images attached to this post.

Capital First Dealer Souvenir

Capital First Dealer Souvenir

Capital First Dealer Souvenir

Capital First Dealer Souvenir