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A premium way to increase brand recall

You’ll agree that it feels pretty good when acknowledged experts in business consulting approach us to assist them with their own brand. After all, if the professionals believe we can help them do what they’re so good at better, we must be doing something right.

Recently, the Indian arm of the world-famous Boston Consulting Group (BCG) challenged us to propose something wow, premium, and memorable to send out to the top echelons (CEOs and CXOs) of management that peopled their catalogue of blue-chip clients. The brief was, in a manner of speaking, crystal clear – send these super-busy and very important folks something so superb they wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off it (and BCG) for years to come.

Speaking of crystal, our team thought to itself, why not crystal, and came up with the idea of a gorgeous 3D crystal that would make BCG look great in the process – take a real close look at the result of our consultations on the matter.

BCG Panther Crystal

BCG Panther Crystal

Technically speaking, the crystal souvenir comprised a 3-D engraved crystal block placed on a rich, blackish-green glass. The panther inside was rendered in 3-D by our team using an image provided to us by the client.

Put simply, the brief from BCG was tackled in substance, style, and on time, which left the client (and of course us) feeling mighty chuffed about it.