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Creating memories with acrylic

We have come up with numerous ways to create enduring memories. Choosing the right material is an integral part of this process. Recently, we did some eye-catching work with acrylic that we thought you might wish to take a closer look at.

Perfect 10s for JLL

The first case we want to share with you is apropos a long service award we created for Jones Long LaSalle (JLL), India’s largest property consulting firm. The brief from JLL was simple and single-minded: give us something special to hand out to employees that are completing 10 years with us.

After considering the possibilities, we chose to go with acrylic for this one because the deadline was tight and the clean lines we were aiming for we felt would be best reproduced with acrylic. Did we succeed? You tell us after seeing the result of our efforts in the first image attached to this post.

JLL 10 Years of Service Award

Thank Yous for Kotak and ING

Kotak & ING wanted to thank their partners for doing business with them. This is an annual award they hand out to strengthen bonds and build relationships. They asked us to design and create a set of plaques in double quick time.

Since thank you plaques don’t mean much unless they look right, we looked into the emotions various colours communicate and chose two that exude sensitivity and warmth. What’s more, acrylic was our material of choice because time was short and the plaque had to reflect Kotak’s and ING’s brand aesthetic. We invite you to cast an eye on the image below and judge for yourself how well we met the client’s brief.

Acrylic Plaque

Acrylic Plaque

The way forward

If these creations interests you, and you'd like to order them, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.